Hour Glass Single Released

Hour Glass Single Released

On May 12th 2017, In My Disguise released their debut single from the upcoming EP ‘Achromatic’.

The single ‘Hour Glass’ tells the story of feeling misunderstood by others, and the difficulty experienced when fully trying to explain the emotions and feelings that you are going through when feeling very low. This in turn creates anger and torment.

Ollie Smith, the lead vocalist for In My Disguise wrote this song through personal struggles to try and explain to people that it is okay to be down, and it is okay to feel lost sometimes. The experience is completely normal, and that people shy away from expressing themselves because they feel that they will become a victim of being looked down upon. With the general subject of mental illness, ‘Hour Glass’ is an anthem for people to know that there is a light at the end of the tunnel, no matter what is going on in your life.

About the Music Video

The video for ‘Hour Glass’ was done completely DIY, and directed by Lee Alexander with the help of our good friend Jake Dawson. We managed to get hold of a nice warehouse in which we could do basically what ever we want with no time constraints.

We set ourselves up in the middle of the barn where there was a variety of obstacles which we had to take care of (such as a gaping hole in the back of the floor space which dropped down about 6 feet to a concrete landing!).

“All of the gear we used during the shoot was already previously used with the ‘Fear’ music video such as lighting and what not, but we decided to go a bit more out there by adding smoke effects and using some more advanced cameras too. I mean we even used a Google Pixel phone for a lot of the shots which turned out great along with a Nikon D3300 for some of the closeup shots. Generally it was a very cheap and effective way of doing it and it turned out great.” – Lee Alexander

In My Disguise documented the entire process of recording the music video, and you can view that here:

You can listen to ‘Hour Glass’ along with the rest of the debut EP ‘Achromatic’ by Clicking Here.

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