Debut EP ‘Achromatic’ Available Now


Debut EP ‘Achromatic’ Available Now

Achromatic – the 5 track debut EP release from In My Disguise is now available

everywhere on Itunes, Spotify, Amazon Mp3, Bandcamp and more.

Achromatic is a 5 track EP which features a variety of different songs that show you exactly what In My Disguise are all about. With a key focus on mental difficulties and finding a light at the end of the tunnel, Ollie Smith (lead vocalist) takes you on a journey through personal experiences which lot of people can relate to.

In My Disguise gives you a compilation of songs that take you on a musical journey whilst exploring the difficulties you face in life.

Track List:

  • Alive
  • Hour Glass
  • Story
  • Fear
  • Scattered Memories

You can purchase ‘Achromatic’ right here:

Behind the Scenes

As always, ‘Achromatic’ was completely done DIY using all of Lee Alexander’s recording equipment. We are lucky enough to have our own rehearsal / recording space which we put to good use. We always begin the process by recording the drums first. This is to make sure we get the best tones and to clean up timing issues along the way.

Once the drums were complete we moved on to the guitars, bass and vocals. We make things easy on ourselves by going DI with our amps. This makes recording a lot easier to control and allows us to get a tone straight out of the box. Vocals we just record in Lee’s flat with a standard condenser microphone. We dont have a great location for recording vocals as we cannot control the reflections from the room. Unfortunately you can hear on the EP which we have grown to like it as it sounds that much more raw.

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